About the Consultant

Karen has over 25 years of experience, advising presidents, CEO’s, directors, managers and their teams throughout Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon, Montana, California, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona, & Texas.

Her clients range across the workforce from large corporations to small businesses; non-profit to local government; and school districts to state universities. She has worked with municipalities, assemblies, boards, chambers, associations and native corporations. Additionally, other client are in oil; utilities; engineering; construction; military; legal practices; banking and finance; housing corporations; medical practices; airline and travel & tourism.

Karen has developed numerous customized professional training programs, keynotes and retreats; facilitated strategic planning processes; developed and refined corporate mission, vision & value statements; counseled and coached executives through advancement, change processes and difficult situations;  facilitated board and assembly meetings; mediated relations between opposing parties; and conducted team and departmental improvement processes.

Karen holds a masters in Counseling & Guidance; a bachelors in Education & Theater; and certifications in MBTI (Myers & Briggs Type Indicator) and ACE (American Council on Exercise). Her diverse experiences in executive management and human development give her a firm foundation in creating unique people solutions within the business environment.

“Karen’s programs are unique and original; they incorporate the use of movie clips,
story telling, change conducive exercises, experiential activities and self-reflection.
She makes us think.”