• Strategic Planning
  • Process, Team & Departmental Assessments
  • Facilitations
  • Meditations

Strategic Planning

  • A facilitated process through which we:
    • Address mission, vision & values
      • Define or refine: why you are here; where you are going and what you stand for
    • Determine your top goals and priorities
      • Identify the steps to get you where you want to be
  • Provides personal and organizational daily focus and direction
  • Ensures same-page operations

Process, Team & Departmental Assessments

  • A facilitated process designed to:
    • Identify what-is-working and what-is-not-working within a process, team or department
    • Develops action steps to address what-is-not-working and move forward


  • A facilitators role in a meeting is to:
    • Create a framework to discuss topics
    • Keep participants on track – ensure discussions stay on target
    • Engage integrity-led behaviors


  • A process conducted by an impartial 3rdparty designed to:
    • Bring parties from opposing sides closer together
    • Instill individual accountability
    • Explore collaborative options
    • Develop action plans

All Consulting Services are Confidential