What participants are saying…

“How refreshingreal, usable, common sense techniques…We really worked together as a team … I can put these ideas to use right away!”

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You have been integral in our bank’s evolution and maturation (as a consultant, coach and confidante); thus I am sharing a few words of appreciation. Below are a few elements of your service:

  • I am a strong advocate for, believer in, and career-long user of third party supplemental coaching, facilitating, training and strategy networking.  Having experienced numerous such different engagements with other professional consultants, advisors, coaches, trainers and facilitators…. I rank you among the best.  The tenure of your work with our leadership and at all levels of management, to include top executives (myself included) and the front line has allowed us to stay a consistent course of steady improvement – even during volatile times and stressful transitions.
  • Your effort to help us inventory, rationalize, accept, and grow a strong culture through the foundational establishment of our mission, vision and values has withstood the challenge of time and potentially diverging interests, so that we have stayed the course and differentiated ourselves from the competition in such a way as to make us stand out and be recognized as a valued added, quality and customer/community centric focused organization.
  • You made us collectively own all of the goals, helped us visualize and narrate the direction, define accountability measures and outcomes, evaluate performance and establish paths for constructive improvement.
  • I do not know another consultant that can facilitate large disparate groups to consensus, while on an aligned journey to coach executive leaders, managers and front line/entry level individuals like you have shown the ability to do.
  • I do not know another consultant that can facilitate top level emerging brainstorm planning and cascade to the evolution of goals, strategy, tactics and measurable KPI’s while at the same time helping with soft skill, EQ, personality based awareness and developmental managerial training/coaching.


We could not have accomplished as much success along this journey without your help and support”

Joe BeedleChairmanNorthrim BanCorp,Inc

“Karen Kirk, supports leaders and their teams with her unique skill of offering perspective. Her methods energize persons to apply real life, workable solutions; thus moving persons effectively forward beyond challenges, conflict and change. Having experienced several coaching styles, I found Karen’s excellence to surpass anything I have known. Whether it be managerial training, vision planning, team building or mediations; Karen has been key to the successful and progressive refinement of our organization. Karen’s enthusiasm and vitality are impressive. I am very grateful for the benefits our company has received through her services.”

Beth Knight, CLS, Vice-PresidentTitle Operations Mgr & AREC InstructorAlyeska Title Guaranty Agency, Inc.

“It has been a delight to employ Karen as a consultant and first-class instructor and motivator for the Municipality of Anchorage. Karen is upbeat, funny, positive and delivers. She has a keen sense for setting the stage in group meetings and presentations… she knows her audience and uses the right tools to enable people to learn and discover. She is very non-traditional in her teaching and motivating techniques. (This includes the use of games, modern video clips and other resources all aimed with the specific purpose of getting people to think differently.) Most of all, Karen has competently found solutions for our organizational development concerns and personnel issues.”

Dr. David K.F.Otto, SPHREmployee Relations DirectorMunicipality of Anchorage

Ms. Kirk is the rare trainer who, not only knows the academic side of the subjects she teaches, but also possesses the flare and energy necessary to create an enthusiastic audience. Over the years I have been to numerous management trainings; Ms. Kirk is the most engaging and genuine of the lot. She truly believes in the principles she preaches and is as much a coach as she is an instructor.

Kenneth TakakuwaDivision ManagerMunicipality of Anchorage

“I can’t speak highly enough of Ms. Kirk’s ability to prepare and deliver excellent training. She worked with our group to ensure the training would meet our needs and had germane information and ideas for us to consider. Her delivery is focused, energetic and she gives participants a sense of renewal. She was well received and participants asked to have her return for future training.”

Eileen M Lally, Ed.D.,LSCWProgram ManagerUniversity of Alaska, AnchorageFamily & Youth Services Training Academy

“I wanted to share with you how much you have helped our entire staff evolve. By helping us build our Team Charter, you helped us build our office foundation and that foundation remains strong 2 years later! What I appreciate about you, Karen, is that you ask questions prior to your course, you try and find out as much as possible and you create a course specifically for our needs. The feedback from my staff is that they all feel that you are working with them as individuals, even in a group course. It is that personal connection that you are able to achieve that makes it fun to be in your courses, my staff actually ask me when the next Karen Kirk course is! I highly recommend 1-2 courses a year for any offices out there that need fine tuning.”

Michelle Fritz, CPCPractice AdministratorAlaska Colorectal Surgery, PC

“Karen Kirk has a dynamic energy that engages people, motivates them, and leads them to learn the material. She is honest, practical and sincere which endears her to the people she works with. Most of all she connects with the group, learning about each of them as a person, so she is able to communicate with them effectively and personably. Whatever the age or background of the people attending the workshop or training, Karen Kirk is an excellent resource.”

Richard PerryCareer Center CoordinatorCook Inlet Tribal Council, Inc.

“Karen has worked with our organization for over 15 years. Each time we schedule her, she is careful to consider the needs of her audience and tailor her presentation accordingly. She presents with enthusiasm, clarity and has the ability to capture the listeners’ attention. The feedback we get from our members constantly praises all these attributes, but we also find that the ideas and strategies she incorporates into her topics are thoughtful, useful and practical for their everyday life, both in the workplace and home. We cannot recommend Karen enough.”

Barbara StrongTOTEM Administrative Assistant